Ian Fortune

There has been no more consistently brilliant tracker in training over the past two and a half years than Swords Rex. The 2022 Kirby Memorial and 2023 Easter Cup champ was off the track for some time before reappearing for a second crack at the English Derby earlier in the summer.

Sadly, after a couple of sensational early round victories, he was withdrawn ahead of the semi-finals after picking up a small injury in the quarter finals. Many feared it would be the last time we would see the superstar on the track but the prognosis wasn’t too bad.

After a week or two of rehab, plans for his future racing career are still on hold but Graham Holland hasn’t completely given up on the idea of Swords Rex gracing the tracks of Ireland again.

In the meantime, Barbara Lowndes’ July 2020 whelp is off to stud. As always, the Riverside Kennels are playing a blinder on the social media front. Yesterday afternoon, a stud advertisement appeared on their various social channels offering his services.

He should prove very popular at stud and could become a real option for breeders. Aside from his incredible talent, he is also bred in the purple. His sire Droopy Sydney is potentially the best of all time, while his dam Starry Display hails from the famous Pat Dalton line going back to the likes of Wise Winner and Wise Memory.

Have no doubt, even if we never see Swords Rex on the track again, he will leave a legacy with the brilliant tracker, who was a joy to watch in full flight, certain to throw some stars in the coming years.