In the interests of greyhound welfare, it is important that any greyhounds injured during a race or showing any signs of distress or injury after a race are presented to the track veterinarian for immediate assessment .

Where appropriate, the vet administers/provides first aid treatment, to alleviate pain and stabilise the greyhound’s condition.

Under the GRI’s Welfare Code of Practice, owners/trainers/keepers of greyhounds shall ensure prompt veterinary treatment for an injured greyhound 

Failure to present a greyhound injured or distressed while competing in a race event:

  • for examination and possible treatment by the track veterinarian at the time may be deemed as a breach of the Welfare of Greyhounds Regulations 2016 {S.I. 310 of 2016}

Note that owners/trainers shall present the injured greyhound to their ‘usual veterinarian’ for further treatment on the next day or as advised by the track veterinarian.