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YOUGHAL Track Supporters Club Lotto has been running for over 10 years. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported us during this time. 

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been unable to sell lotto tickets since the end of March 2020. This has had a huge knock-on effect on our finances as a club.

€20,000 JACKPOT

Therefore we are launching the Youghal Track Supporters Club online lotto, with the first virtual draw taking place next Monday, May 3, 2021. Youghal Track Supporters Club are the first Greyhound Supporters Club to launch such an initiative. 

ONLINE LOTTO - Smartlotto

€20,000 JACKPOT

Since the commencement of the lotto more than 10 years ago we have been able to maintain a high level of sponsorship at the track and we hope that with the support of the greyhound fraternity and friends we will again make a difference in the coming years.

We need your support now more than ever to ensure greyhound racing continues at Youghal. Therefore, we ask that you contribute to our weekly lotto, which currently has a jackpot of €20,000, under one of the following new formats:

• Option 1: €100 annual lotto ticket. Chose 4 numbers from 1-36.

• Option 2: €200 Syndicate/Family annual lotto ticket (Maximum four members i.e. four sets of numbers into weekly draw)

Option 3: Buy a ticket weekly for €2 (or 3 for €5) through the online portal 


Please support us in keeping racing at Youghal Greyhound Stadium by taking out one of the above options to the weekly lotto draw at Youghal. 

For option 1 and 2 please forward payment and your chosen numbers as soon as possible to any member of Youghal Track Supporters Club or alternatively by post to Youghal Track Supporters Club, c/o YoughalGreyhound Stadium, Youghal, Co. Cork. Payment can also be made directly to the following Bank Account

Youghal Greyhound Track Supporters Club

IBAN: IE52AIBK93430501756073 


As part of the agreement to remaining open, Youghal Track Supporters Club have committed to a number of initiatives including paying the €25,000 annual lease on the track and another €10,000 in other initiatives including the free entry gates for July and August and assistance with improvements to infrastructure and maintenance of facilities. 

Some of the works completed at Youghal to date include resurfacing of the car park, new boundary fences installed, refurbishment of the outdoor shed for storage of all petrol operated equipment as per fire regulations, fire safety compliance works, upgrade of the inner track drainage system, new aqua flow water system to ensure a constant flow of water for refreshing and washing dogs after racing and trials, new facias and gutters fitted to the racing office. In addition to this, both upstairs and downstairs of the main stand have been completely repainted. 

GRI have also completed on track improvements including installing a new hare rail motor pit, a new automated sprinkler system, a new hare pick up station, a new vet station and also additional kennels to facilitate the extra races. 

Note: All works carried out at Youghal have been completed strictly in line with Covid guidelines issued by the HSE.


Youghal currently has two very successful SIS race nights with an extra race night every six weeks in order to maintain a strong pool of dogs which currently stands at 400. Indeed Youghal was the first Irish track to introduce SIS racing. Youghal owners and trainers spent over two years trialling and perfecting the SIS system which has now nine meetings per week across a number of Irish tracks, providing much-needed funding to GRI especially during Covid times. The partnership between GRI and SIS has gone from strength to strength and the latest announcement that SIS are to sponsor some of the major stakes in tracks throughout the country is a major boost for the industry. 


Youghal Greyhound Stadium have just completed another successful greyhound sales event. The feedback from this is very positive and we hope this event will continue to grow over the coming years. 

Unfortunately, due to SIS racing in Youghal we are unable to fulfil many requests from owners to run sweepstakes. Therefore, as part of our ongoing initiatives, Youghal Track Supporters Club hope to co-sponsor a number of sweepstakes over the next two years in Curraheen Park, Cork. Sweepstakes will be of all grades and will afford Youghal-based greyhounds the opportunity to compete in such races. Talks to commence this are progressing well and it is hoped that the first of these sweepstakes will get underway very shortly. 

The welfare of our greyhounds is paramount to us all. Youghal Track Supporters Club will make an annual donation from the proceeds of the online lotto ticket sales to the IRGT fund. 


Finally, we would like to thank the GRI for their continued support, management and staff at Youghal Greyhound Stadium, Ger Gubbins Construction, owners and trainers in Youghal and beyond and also our valued sponsors and supporters. 

Páidí Walsh (Chairman Youghal Track Supporters Club)

J.J. Fennelly (Treasurer Youghal Track Supporters Club)