Ian Fortune

Kevin Boothby won’t be the only sponsor from across the Irish Sea at the RCÉ Winter Racing Festival as are also set to support the night.

Over the history of the Night of Stars and last year’s Winter Racing Festival, the 575yd contest has often thrown up a classic.

This year’s race should be no different and it will go by the title, the Buy & Sell Greyhounds Online at 575. Given the amount of wonderfully strong greyhounds in action over the past few weeks in the Derby, the 575yd contest should attract a top-class field and it promises to be one of the races of the night. James Cordon of is certainly happy to be involved in the festival.

Said James this morning, “We are delighted to be able to sponsor the ‘Buy & Sell Greyhounds Online at 575’ on such a special night in the Irish racing calendar.
“With the greyhound sales game across both sides of the water seemingly strong, we have recently introduced weekly Online Auctions via our website where breeders/owners/trainers can enter their dogs into a 48 hour virtual auction with no entry fee and no need for travel or pre-sale trials.
“Having sponsored on English Derby final night, highlighting our traditional track sales, we are now hopeful that sponsoring within the Irish calendar can help get the message out about our new concept and reach the wider Irish greyhound community looking to sell a greyhound.
“With the best talent in Ireland and, the potential of a number of UK raiders, the newly branded Winter Festival will no doubt be a huge success having taken over from the Night of Stars and we are honoured to be part of that.”