We put a call out to the greyhound community to help promote the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust and greyhounds as pets and boy did they respond.

Here's a look at the fleet of branded vans that are out and about already, spreading the message across the country.

Thanks to all of those who shared pictures, click on the Facebook f logo below to view the pictures on Facebook:

Padjoe & his greyhound ➡️ Declan, Faye & Katie (Nijinsky) ➡️ (Jimmy not pictured) Jamie & his greyhound ➡️ Caitiona & her greyhound ➡️ Ken & his greyhounds ➡️Brian & his greyhound ➡️ Shane, Jane, Liam & some of their greyhounds ➡️ Natalia with van owner Stephen's greyhound Laura (Pine Candy) ➡️ Tom, Caoimhlin & Angel ➡️ Tony and Da Blake

And even better, there's even more people to come! Thank you!

If you’d like to get involved in the initiative, please visit for more information.