Ian Fortune

The Behind The Track docuseries has been a tremendous success over the past number of weeks with each and every episode received so wonderfully well.

The viewing numbers have been nothing short of magnificent and hopefully they will continue to climb in the coming day, weeks and months.

It is important to continue to share our stories, highlight our love for the greyhound and the dedication needed to keep them happy and healthy. So many people have seen the six episodes to date but it’s important that we share the latest and final episode of this docuseries which will be released at noon this afternoon.

Today’s episode features Damien Matthews, the chairman of the IGOBF, and he does a simply incredible job. He addresses so many issues, putting his point across in typically intelligent, cogent and simple terms.

He too speaks of his frustrations about the abuse faced by those involved in greyhound racing by those that wish to see an end to the sport. Once again, this latest instalment is well produced, feature some superb pictures but it’s the words from Damien that need to be shared far and wide. Let’s get this video to the wider public and again don’t forget to share it far and wide on social media using the #behindthetrack and #OurGreyhoundsOurLives hashtags.

Well done to all involved in the docuseries. You have done yourself and your spot proud.