Chief Executive Officer

Title of position: Chief Executive Officer
Tenure: 7-year fixed term
Employing Authority: Rásaíocht Con Éireann – Greyhound Racing Ireland
Location: HQ Greenpark, Dock Road, Limerick / alternative RCÉ locations including element of remote working

Rásaíocht Con Éireann – Greyhound Racing Ireland (“RCÉ”) is the commercial semi-state body responsible for the management and development of the greyhound industry. The governing body for Irish Greyhound Racing (Bord na gCon) was established under special legislation by the Irish government in 1958. The Greyhound Industry Act (1958) gave the organisation wide powers to regulate all aspects of greyhound racing.

RCÉ is responsible for the regulation of all aspects of greyhound racing including the overall administration, regulation, governance, development and promotion of the Irish greyhound industry, the licencing of tracks, the issuing of permits to officials, bookmakers, trainers and the implementation of the rules of racing.

The greyhound industry in Ireland delivers an economic gain to over 12,000 people throughout the country including staff employed by RCÉ, some 7,000 owners, 540 trainers and up to a further 4,000 people and ancillary services. In addition, RCÉ receives an allocation from the Horse & Greyhound Fund on an annual basis. The allocation for 2021 is €19.2M. The total turnover for RCÉ in 2019 (last full year pre Covid) was €41.5M. The number of employees was 237 to include full time and casual staff (measured as full-time equivalents).

The Board now wishes to appoint an experienced, highly regarded business manager to lead RCÉ, placing critical emphasis on integrity, care and welfare objectives while ensuring the commercial success of the industry.

Role Summary

The role of Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) will be responsible for the day-to-day management and leadership of RCÉ. The CEO will oversee the preparation of RCÉ’s detailed budgets, will closely monitor revenue, expenditure and capital project spending, making certain that necessary controls are in place.

The role will require someone exceptional, with the personal, organisational, representative and strategic talents to win the trust, confidence and respect of the greyhound community, sponsors, staff, the public, national and local government officials and the media, amongst others. He or she should also have strong communication skills, with the ability to coordinate both internal communications, interfacing with the industry, and external relationships, promoting greyhound racing.

Key Responsibilities

The role will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following:
- Leadership
● Provide strong, decisive leadership to the senior management team, and support staff;
● Review and improve the current performance management system within RCÉ;
● Lead capital projects within RCÉ;
● Help identify avenues to attract attendance and improved levels of participation in the sport;
● Encourage a culture focussed on operational excellence, cost control, and productivity;
● Support the development of staff through devolved accountability and team learning.
Communication and Stakeholder Management
● Actively network, building and cultivating relationships with the greyhound community
and the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine;
● Regularly meet with and advise government representatives and officials on key issues;
● Act as a listening and liaison point for greyhound industry representative organisations;
● Continually highlight RCÉ’s role and brand.
Advocacy and representation
● Promote the greyhound industry’s vision, mission and values and its image, with the public;
● Serve as an effective lobbyist for the industry at Department, Government and EU level;
● Be the credible public face and informed spokesperson for RCÉ with the media;
● Overseeing all PR and media communications, enhancing the profile of RCÉ.
Board guidance and support
● Attend and actively participate in RCÉ Board meetings;
● Ensure that the Board utilises appropriate governance and best practice procedures;
● Ensure that the Board is made aware of all matters impacting on the organisation –
operational, environmental, legislative, regulatory, financial, etc.
Finance and administration
● Oversee financial matters related to budgets, income, expenditure and audits and
ensure RCÉ’s financial security;
● Continually review the effectiveness of systems and procedures across RCÉ;
● Ensure that accurate and timely financial information and accounts are available.
Regulatory/Compliance and Welfare Matters
● Ensure that the RCÉ meets its obligations as set out in the Greyhound Racing Acts 1958
to 2019;
● Maintains cooperative relationships with all stakeholders;
● Highlights greyhound care and welfare, ensuring that a robust care and welfare culture
is in place across the greyhound industry in partnership with all stakeholders
Strategy and Planning
● Take responsibility for the formulation and implementation of next Strategic Business
Plan 2022-2027 and drive the SBP throughout the entire 5-year period;
● Coordinate the involvement of stakeholders in the formulation process, and their ‘buy-in’;
● Assess the principal risks to RCÉ and ensure the SBP recognises/mitigates these;
● Ensure that the SBP can deliver on the RCÉ’s vision, mission, objectives and mandate.
Reporting Relationship

The CEO will report to the Board, the Council and Committee members. In addition, the position will have a special working relationship with the Chairman on day-to-day basis and with the Chairpersons of all RCÉ Committees, and other elected Officers.

The Person

The successful candidate will be an inspiring and strategic leader with proven managerial and communication skills, able to win the trust, confidence and respect of members, staff and other stakeholders. The candidate should have excellent managerial and financial skills, robust leadership talents to ensure that all the services and operations of RCÉ meet the highest of standards.

The successful candidate will demonstrate enthusiasm, confidence within the role and proven ability of business acumen and an inherent ability to influence. In addition, RCÉ operates within a fast moving and constantly evolving landscape. The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate an appetite and aptitude for change and development of RCÉ, its operations and service.

The successful candidate will show experience that relates to commercial operations, advocacy and representation, and dealings with external bodies, including government.

Essential Requirements

● Third level degree or relevant professional qualification in business, marketing or
other relevant discipline;
● Evidence of 7+ years senior management experience in a challenging environment;
● Experience of advocacy, representing an organisation publicly and media experience;
● Proven ability of excellent communication skills and experience of dealing with
external bodies, including government departments;
● An understanding of best practice governance as it applies to a semi state organisation
● An understanding and knowledge of the Irish and international greyhound racing industry;
● Experience of directing complex systems (i.e. the Tote) and overseeing a robust
regulatory, licensing and welfare system;
● Previous experience of effectively managing and motivating a team;
● Demonstrated experience of thinking strategically, with a distinct entrepreneurial
and commercial mindset, with evidence of strong project management skills &
● Evidence of developing and implementing strategic plans and tracking their implementation.
Desirable Attributes
● Previous experience of reporting to a Board or an Executive Leadership Team;
● Demonstrated experience of driving change and developing organisations;
● Evidence of ability to promote the organisation and industry’s mission, vision and
values within the sector and general public;
● Evidence of ability to help identify avenues to attract attendance and increase
participation levels in the sport.

To Apply

Please upload your CV and cover letter (max 2 pages) using the link provided.
To request further candidate information please email


Rásaíocht Con Éireann is an equal opportunities employer with a strong commitment to diversity,
inclusion and equality at all levels of the organisation.